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    Her Breast Cancer Story

    October 26, 2016

    “The world stopped the day I learned my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mind was foggy from racing and jagged thoughts. My eyes were blurry from the tears.


    Leah Frazier – captured by Walter Johnson Jr Make up by Jackie

    Eventually hope broke through like sunshine slowly and steadily. Through a massive efforts from fighters before us, science brought much promise.

    Our lives became full from the beautiful love of friends, family, and strangers that sustained us. And I came to realize the power of collective strength that fuels individual strength.

    We are all sisters in the fight!”

    As told to NeoBantu by Shelley Jeoffroy
    October is a breast cancer awareness month, let us spread awareness and empower those affected to make it through so they can find peace and be renewed. In an effort to provide support during the month of October a portion of our proceeds on will be donated to

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    Inspiration Neobantu Women

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