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    Breast Cancer Campaign

    October 24, 2016

    Going through the diagnosis of breast cancer isΒ  life changing. We all know someone who has gone through it and though others have survived, many have not made it through the struggle.


    Progress Mutangadura – captured by Walter Johnson Jr Make up by Batsi C

    I remember at a very young age, my maternal grandmother was diagnosed. I really didn’t understand what was going on, and my parents did not really explain it to us, how could they 20 years ago in Zimbabwe where there were no breast cancer awareness campaigns. We where told she had cancer and she had to come live with us while going through chemotherapy.
    I knew her to be a very hard working woman, so to see her weak and unable to do many things by herself, that made me feel hopeless and sad. My family did not really know how we could support her and keep her hopes up. When the doctors gave us the news that she would have a mastectomy, we all did not take that well. She did not live longer after the surgery, she gave up and we also had given up.

    Sometimes I think if we had been more informed and there had been campaigns for breast cancer in Africa she might have held on stronger. We were all scared and hopeless and so she decided to let go and not fight.

    As told to NeoBantu by Progress Mutangadura
    October is a breast cancer awareness month, let us spread awareness and empower those affected to make it through so they can find peace and be renewed. In an effort to provide support during the month of October a portion of our proceeds on will be donated to

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