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    Would you like a cocktail with that Dress?

    August 27, 2016


    After a hard days work (being fabulous -takes some effort), the best thing to round off the day is a delicious cocktail.

    We stopped by The Bowen House in uptown Dallas and asked the bartenders to mix up a drink for each of the ladies.

    Champagne Cocktail

    NeoBantu Ade Yoke Dress and the Bowen House Champagne Cocktail

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    Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life – Charles Dickens

    Champagne Cocktail: Bubbly, Dry, Classic

    Daniel’s version is made with: Gin Mare, Rosemary, Fennel Bitters

    Sweet and Sour

    NeoBantu Stacey Dress and the Sweet and Sour Cocktail

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    Every sweet has its Sour; every evil its good – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

    A sweet and Sour Cocktail of Creamy Egg Whites with Citrus

    Morgan’s version Pisco Porton, Lemon, Rhubarb Bitters, Egg White, Raspberry, Strawberry


    NeoBantu Coco Dress and Joe’s Tiki Cocktail

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    One thing in common we like tropical drinks – Gene Mitchell (A  lotta Pina Coladas)

    Joe’s Tiki: A Tropical Cocktail made with, fruit Juices and very refreshing.

    Joe’s version: Pyrat Rum, Rumhaven Coconut Rum, Blue Sail Banana Crème Rum, Macadamia Orgeat, Pineapple

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